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When you're facing the challenges of personal injury, wrongful death, worker's compensation, or elder abuse, you need more than just legal help. You need a team that genuinely cares about your well-being.

When you choose us, you're choosing a team that goes above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind. Your case isn't just another file to us; it's your life, and we're here to protect it.


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Decades of Law Experience

With over 30 years of experience, our focus is on meeting your legal needs and achieving the best outcome for your case. We understand the importance of timely compensation, and you can trust us to ensure that you are paid promptly and fairly.

Experience Matters

At Supreme Injury Lawyers, we have a distinguished team of highly experienced attorneys who specialize in personal injury, workers' compensation, and elder abuse cases.

What distinguishes us is our extensive experience in insurance defense. Our attorneys have prior experience working as insurance defense attorneys before joining Supreme Injury Lawyer. Our attorneys are well-versed in working with insurance companies and possess the insider knowledge necessary to secure the best outcome for your case.

Personalized Service

We possess an in-depth understanding of personal injury law and intricate insurance dynamics, enabling us to navigate your case with precision and provide you with tailored, effective advocacy.

At Supreme Injury Lawyers, we recognize the uniqueness of each case and collaborate with you based on your individual needs.

Multilingual Support

Our team is dedicated to serving a diverse clientele. We offer support in English, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish to ensure clear and effective communication.

No Recovery = No Fee

If you win, we all win. If we don't obtain recovery, you owe us no fee.

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Our Track Record

With over 35 years of dedicated service, we've secured tens of millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients.


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Our Practice Areas

In cases involving Personal Injury, Product Liability, Workers Compensation, and Elder Abuse among our long list of experience, our foremost concern is your well-being. Whether it involves pursuing compensation for instances of negligence, safeguarding your rights in workplace injury matters, or championing the cause of older individuals facing mistreatment, our committed team places your needs as the highest priority.

We offer proficient legal support with a personal touch, ensuring that your best interests remain paramount throughout every stage of the process.

Personal Injury

Whether it's a car accident injury, accidental death, catastrophic injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury, spinal injuries, or wrongful death claims, our Personal Injury Lawyers are here to handle your unique case.

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Car Accident Lawyers

From minor collisions to major crashes, we are here to secure the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Big-Rig, Semi or 18 Wheeler Truck accidents are the most dangerous type of personal injury accident due to their size and weight. Our injury lawyers have the know-how to fight insurance companies to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and Fall  are common personal injury claims. If you were injured on the premises of another, due to their negligence, we can assist you to get compensation for your injuries that are rightfully due.

Product Liability Lawyer

If you've suffered harm or injury due to a defective product, our Product Liability Lawyers are here to secure the compensation you deserve for the damages caused by unsafe products.

Accidental Death Lawyers

Our accidental death lawyers can help navigate the complexities of accidental death cases with empathy and legal expertise.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Our team is well-versed in handling the most severe and life-altering injuries.

Brain Injuries Lawyer

Compassionate representation for victims of traumatic and anoxic brain injuries.

Burn and Scar Injuries Lawyer

Severe burn injuries can cause scarring and nerve disorders. Our team can get you to the right experts to work up your case.

Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are a result of a negligent owner. If you or a loved one has a victim of a dog bite, we can help you pursue compensation and justice.

Spinal Cord and Spinal Injury Lawyer

Whether it's a spinal cord injury or other spinal injuries, we fight for your rights.

Wrongful Death Attorney

Our dedicated wrongful death attorneys are committed to seeking justice for families affected by wrongful death.

Worker Compensation

From work injury, repetitive use injuries, our Worker Compensation Attorneys  have experience handling  workers compensation cases.

View All Worker Compensation Cases
Repetitive Use Injuries

We understand the nuances of repetitive use claims.

Elder Abuse

Protecting the rights of our elderly clients is our priority. We offer compassionate representation for elder abuse cases.

View All Elder Abuse Cases
Complex Elder Abuse Cases

Our expertise extends to handling intricate elder abuse scenarios with care and precision.

Care Home / Elder Abuse

Do you have a family member who is neglected or abused? Was your family member mistreated?  Our elder abuse lawyers are here for your family.


Our Attorneys

Meet the dedicated personal injury lawyer, worker compensation lawyer, and elder abuse lawyer at Supreme Injury Lawyer who will stand by your side throughout your legal journey.

Our team is a blend of experienced attorneys, and compassionate client support staff.


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